Multiport Serial Adapters

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Display per page 16 Port PCI Express Serial Card - Low-Profile - High-Speed PCIe Serial Card with 16 DB9 RS232 Ports

Add 16 RS232 serial ports (DB9) to your low or full-profile computer, through a PCI Express slot - 16-Port PCI Express Serial Card - Low-Profile - High-speed PCIe serial card with 16 DB9 RS232 Ports (up to 921.6 Kbps) - Multiport serial adapter card
$319.92 2-Port PCI RS232 Serial Adapter Card, Dual Serial DB9 Ports, Expansion/Controller Card, Windows/Linux, Standard/Low Profile

Dual port PCI RS232 serial adapter card 16C550 UART/ASIX MCS9865 - Expansion/controller card with speeds up to 115.2Kbps/COM port | 256 byte FIFO | 9th data bit - Even/Odd/No/Space/Mark Parity - Standard bracket (low profile incl) - Windows/Linux
$25.69 4 Port PCI Express PCIe Serial Combo Card - 2 x RS232 2 x RS422 / RS485

Add two RS232, and two RS422/485 serial ports to your PC through a PCI-Express expansion slot - pcie rs485 - pci express rs485 - pcie rs485 - pci express rs422 - pcie rs422
$143.42 4 Port PCI Express Serial Card w/ Breakout Cable

Add 4 RS232 serial ports to any PC using a single PCI Express expansion slot - pci express serial card - pci-e serial card - pci express RS232 - rs232 card - pci serial adapter
$105.35 4 Port RS232 PCI Serial Card Adapter with Power Output

PCI-X - 4 x DB-9 Male RS-232 Serial - Plug-in Card
$92.96 4-port PCI Express RS232 Serial Adapter Card - PCIe Serial DB9 Controller Card 16950 UART - Low Profile - Windows/Linux

4 port PCI Express RS232 serial controller card w/16950 UART/ASIX AX99100 - Bi-directional speeds 921.6Kbps/port | 256 byte FIFO | 9th data bit - Pin 9 pwr out 5v/12v/none w/up to 2A total - Std bracket (low profile incl); Breakout cable - Win/Linux